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AHHA: What's your ultimate goal?


INTERNATIONAL SCOOT: Ultimate goal is to feed the truly hungry mouths that I am surrounded with by creating business opportunities for us all and our children. Music is the front of the house but the businesses we are creating will be the true bread winning ventures.


AHHA: What mark do you want to leave on hip hop?


INTERNATIONAL SCOOT: I want to go down in the history of hip hop as one of the most genuine artist to have graced a mic. I want my story to be that of honesty and relatability. I don't want to get caught up in all the feminine emotions involved with this rap shit. Rap niggas cry to fucking much in my opinion so I want to be that nigga to change all of that crying and get back the music.


AHHA: How did you get started?


INTERNATIONAL SCOOT: I got my start through my lil brova SlycenDyce, he one day decided he wanted to start making beats. He use to basically dare me to rap over his beats. I think the first song I wrote was TERRIBLE and shit probably even the next few were bad but I've progressed to a point were its safe to call me an artist not just a rapper.



AHHA: Who had the biggest influence on you?


INTERNATIONAL SCOOT: The biggest influence on me in my career is The Notorious BIG. Being a big dude my whole life i took on all the fat rap cats as my role models. So BIG, Fat Joe, Big Pun, Chubb Rock, Heavy D (RIP) and all of them boys influenced my music heavily (pun intended).

AHHA: How do you feel about today's music?


INTERNATIONAL SCOOT: Todays hip hop is in a great place. I know a lot of niggas bitter about some of these new cats and mostly the ones on the radio but the radio does not define hip hop in my personal opinion. I think lyricism has come back full force with them boys over at TDE leading the way , along with Nipsey, Dizzy Wright, Don Trip, Big KRIT and a few others. So I'm loving it.


AHHA: Who is your favorite local artist?


INTERNATIONAL SCOOT: Favorite local artist is my nigga "Mazi POE" from the K..most consistent artist I've heard and probably my #1 inspiration to pick up a mic again seeing as I had called myself retiring for a while back in the day, The man is immensely talented...look him up .... https://soundcloud.com/franklin_p2125


AHHA: Who is your favorite local producer?


INTERNATIONAL SCOOT: Haven't really got the pleasure of working with a lot of producers locally in Austin but my favorite producer right now is my brova "M. Simp" of "Stompboxx Music" /www.stompboxx.com and www.reasontowork.com. You all will soon see why when "Breakin' Bad" drops here in a few months, the production is absolutely amazing!!


AHHA: Who do you want to work with in the city? (Artist/Producer)


INTERNATIONAL SCOOT: Locally their are a few I want to work with, G-Jet, The Loegz, Whiteside, Casino, and Dat Boy Supa top my list. These gentlemen are all rhyme slayers which I use as motivation to better my writing. More importantly each and every one of them appear to be humble and business minds. I have reached a point where I feel as though I can't progress unless I surround myself with the right minds.


AHHA: Dead or Alive who is the number one person you want to work with?


INTERNATIONAL SCOOT: Again, too many to list! Shit! Biggie, Fabolus, Jadakiss, Styles P, Bun B, Nipsey Hussle, Fat Joe, Andre 300 top my list.


AHHA: One word to describe yourself?



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