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Jay Mackall - Hip Hop Artist

Artist of  Jay Mackall’s caliber are a rare breed in the industry nowadays, The Baltimore MD native is gaining major attention for his uncanny ability to deliver smooth thought provoking lyrics over a variety of hard hitting concepts to his listeners. The young entrepreneur prides himself on going against the grain and thinking outside of box when it comes to his craft. Jay Mackall received his first taste of the music business as a member of the Baltimore rap group I.A ( Illitary Army) after songs from their mixtape reach the ears of Da Black Al Capone, an artist of the legendary Houston rapper Lil Flip’s label Clover G Records before he knew it, Jay Mackall was appearing on mixtapes with major artist such as Lil Flip, Z-Ro, Busta Rhymes, 36 Mafia, MJG & 8 Ball, Mike Jones and Eminem, along with performing in shows, doing radio interviews and appearing in videos. Despite the early success, Jay Mackall never saw music as anything but a hobby he loved dearly. Feeling the need to escape Baltimore for a while to see new places, He decided to join the United States Army. Now after 3 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and constant harassment by his friends and fans to get back in the booth, the young MC is back operating under his own label and video production company Grind District Entertainment. 

One on One with Jay Mackall

AHHA Featured Artist of the Month

AHHA: What's your ultimate goal?


JAY MACKALL: My Ultimate goal is to be remembered as a artist that made genuine music and believed in the tradition of independent branding, marketing and distributing.


AHHA: What mark do you want to leave on hip hop?


JAY MACKALL: I just want to prove to the game that it's ok to be yourself in your music...you can be successful without gimmicks and cosigns...just write from your heart


AHHA: How did you get started?


JAY MACKALL: I started out as a member of 9 man group in Baltimore named I.A. (Illitary Army) we were backed by a member of Lil Flip ' s Clover G ' s Da Black Al Capone


AHHA: Who had the biggest influence on you?


JAY MACKALL: My biggest influence musical influence would have to Joe Budden Nas and Stevie Wonder the list is actually longer than that.


AHHA: How do you feel about today's music?


JAY MACKALL: Today's mainstream music is garbage...labels are more concerned with hot singles instead of complete artist and overall good music. It's easier and cheaper to flip a single than it is is to invest in a good artist and a well rounded album.


AHHA: Who is your favorite local artist?


JAY MACKALL: I have a few favorite locals Tflasha, Anya, Heavy and Mainstreem


AHHA: Who is your favorite local producer?


JAY MACKALL: As far as producers I haven't worked with too many..... I would probably have to say T moe


AHHA: Who do you want to work with in the city? (Artist/Producer)


JAY MACKALL:  I've pretty much am or have planned to work with most of the artist on my wish list I think Mainstreem is pretty dope and me and Kiikii Star will be working on something soon.. 


AHHA: Dead or Alive who is the number one person you want to work with?


JAY MACKALL: Rob Flame & International Scoot

AHHA: One word to describe yourself? 


JAY MACKALL: Ambitious

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